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R&B/Soul artist Mandy Copp is living proof that with a quality voice, a dream, and heavy dose of hustle, you can find your audience. Today Mandy performs in prominent venues across the city and is hoping to share her soul infused music across the map.

Her debut EP, Mirage, was just released and has been described as an “R&B sultry mix of pop-soul.” You can feel the influence of iconic 90’s R&B from the bass bump to the harmonies—mixed with a steamy dance vibe and held together by intense lyrics.

The songs that make up Mirage are the raw and vulnerable stories of Mandy’s first years in Nashville. In fact, the name itself comes from the emotionally charged theme running through each song: "Sometimes love can fool you…making you see what you want to see and feel things that aren’t really there." Mirage can be heard anywhere music is found.



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